Philadelphia EZ alterations permit

Philadelphia's Department of Licenses and Inspections released the following statement recently: "Effective October 1, 2019, EZ alteration permits for one- and two-family dwellings will only be issued when the homeowner is the primary occupant. Proof of residency must be demonstrated through a PA or Municipal identification card. All other permit applications for alterations will require [...]

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Our latest Laser Scans

Laser scanning is non-contact technological process that digitally captures and documents the shape of objects or rooms using a laser light. Using the line of laser light the scanner is then able to create a “point cloud”. Point Clouds are a cluster of dots that lay where the laser hit the surface of an object, [...]

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Google Duplex (AI Assistant) Is Going To Be A Game Changer

Google AI (Artificial Intelligence) On May 8-10, Google released something awesome, their new Google AI Assistant. During the event they demonstrated a situation in which the AI was able to call to set up a reservation by calling and talking to the person at the business on it’s own, as per the owner’s direction. [...]

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More about the Belgrade st project in Philadelphia

You may have recently seen the Belgrade St. project pop up in our ‘Projects’ page, but we want take this opportunity to share more about this mixed use project in Philadelphia. Where in Philadelphia is this project located? 2636 Belgrade St is located in the Fishtown Neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. What type of [...]

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