Using BIM is essential

In an earlier post we talked briefly about understanding BIM. Arch Daily recently posted an article showing 10 projects in which BIM was essential. The article talks about how the BIM process was integral in helping the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) teams be on the same page, produce exact dimensions for fabrication and complete [...]

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Our latest Laser Scans

Laser scanning is non-contact technological process that digitally captures and documents the shape of objects or rooms using a laser light. Using the line of laser light the scanner is then able to create a “point cloud”. Point Clouds are a cluster of dots that lay where the laser hit the surface of an object, [...]

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Laser Scan

We went the extra mile and laser scanned our newest project on Locust street in Philadelphia. Laser scanning allows us to ensure that the existing walls, floors, and ceilings are 100% accurate for us to begin designing from. All of the laser scanning was done by Kore Design Architecture.

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