You may or may not know this, that Kore Design offers laser scanning services.

What is laser scanning you ask? Laser scanning is a non-contact technological process by which a device digitally captures and accurately documents the shape of objects and rooms through the use of laser and camera. All the device needs is line-of-sight and through the use of lasers, it can create a point cloud.

Point clouds are a digital cluster or “cloud” of dots that are placed where the laser has hit the surface of an object, floor, ceiling or wall. Simply put, a laser scanning is a process through which we can capture the exact size and shape of a house or room in the physical world and translate it into a 3D model in our CAD program. We can then create highly accurate models from them.

Here are a few images of our laser scanner at a recent site we are surveying along with a few shots of some point clouds from recent projects.

(Image of the laser scanner during a scan)


(Point cloud of the facades of buildings in Philly)


(point cloud of the interior of a 3 story building in Philly)